The exhibition “Teddy Wants to travel / Teddy möchte reisen” is intended to be presented in 14 overseas wardrobe trunks, which are organized thematically. Of course, one important topic is the German-American history of the teddy bear and his name-patron, former US president Theodore Roosevelt.

Further topics are:

  • Teddy travels – Teddy’s experiences all over the world
  • Teddy’s “ancestors” – Real bears and their population across the globe
  • Teddy diversity – Historical development of the teddy bear regarding fashion, zeitgeist and advertisings
  • The passion of collecting – Why collect teddy bears?
  • My teddy bear – Teddy bears with personal family stories
  • How are teddy bears made? – The traditional production
  • When teddy bears get sick – Tips for protection and care
  • Teddy adventures – Historic Comics and moviestars
  • The teddy book – History of teddy bears in children’s books
  • Artistic teddy bears – Teddy bear’s parodies of masterpiece-paintings

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