The exhibition offers a diverse selection of exhibits from the world of teddy bears, which can only be mentioned here as a selection: including rare paintings, books, photos and documents; such as the oldest advertising leaflet in the world for the German teddy bear: the Steiff Neuheitenblatt 1903-04.

Teddy was and is a loyal friend, companion, cuddly toy and comforter for many generations. Some old teddy bears can tell a lot: there are also numerous teddy bears in the exhibition with very private, sometimes very moving, family stories. But who invented “Teddy” and where did it get its name? Of course, these questions will also be answered. You can admire the oldest teddy in the collection, over 100 years old, the first in the world to be softly stuffed and equipped with disc joints: a “Bärle PAB 5328.1” from the well-known German company Steiff in Giengen.

On the road as pedal car crews, historical teddy bears show their special shape, matching the respective vehicle - whether a BMW Roadster from 1930 or a Moskwitsch from the GDR era.

But how is a teddy bear made? The exhibition shows both the traditional and current production of the teddy bear; the story of a “travel bear” that was only developed and manufactured especially for visitors to the exhibition in 2019.

Without his natural role models, the big bears of the world, Teddy would never have been born - that's why a thematic area of the exhibition is also dedicated to the big bears of the world and their fate today! Another highlight is a collection of paintings with parodies of well-known works of art in a powerful way - created with a wink by the artist Volker Brummig.

Selected teddy books from 1916 to the present tell of the triumph of the teddy bear in literature. Of course, celebrity bears like “Winnie the Pooh” and “Paddington” are also there. Famous for being the first teddy bear to go to the North Pole, the exhibition features little teddy bear “Karl”. He reached his goal in 2013 on frosty paths through snow and ice, together with the adventurer David Maddox. Teddys also made a career as “film stars”: plush screen heroes such as “Teddy Brumm”, “The Care Bears” and “Ted” are featured in the exhibition.

Teddy adventures in photo series from the companies “IMAGO Strahlbild” Radebeul and “Mikrolux” Dresden are also included. Some surviving film copies - prepared in digital presentation - invite you to linger and smile. A hands-on station also invites you to choose “the most beautiful teddy bear in the whole country”. This exhibition will certainly be just as interesting for connoisseurs and collectors as it is for children, families - and all teddy bear lovers, regardless of age.

The new “maritime” version of the exhibition offers, in addition to a large selection of historical teddy bears in original overseas trunks, the first miniature teddy from Steiff in 1909 and a replica of the famous teddy bear “Polar”, which survived the sinking of the famous steamship "Titanic". There are also delicate models of ships that once traveled between Europe and America: from Columbus' "Santa Maria" to the steamship "New York" as well as teddy bears in specially made sailor and passenger clothing.

Of course, this exhibition also includes impressive exhibits on the topics “Invention of the teddy bear”, “Manufacture of the teddy bear then and now”, “Children and their teddy bears” and “Mechanical and electric teddy bears”.

As the organizer of the exhibition, you will of course receive a loan contract with the complete list of all objects and their values ​​for insurance purposes.